a breath of fresh air

My Poetry. A breath of fresh air..

Yes, come over and breathe on me
I suppose I have been here long
a fixture and fitting in the shop
like a badly worded song.
Take off your mask and talk to me
I am safe behind my screen
I don't know who you have visited
or who you may have seen!
The pandemic has lasted a long time
and still you will insist
don't you understand this plight
do you get the gist?
I work and work without a care
of my own personal life
who cares if I pass away
leave my son and wife?
All for you to remain fed
and watered with lots of Gin
then you go home and the mask is tossed
into a recycle bin.
I will stay and you will come
sometimes three times a day
you will wear the same mask you often have
and behind it you will pray.
While you and your family remain safe
I am happy to be here for you
I am overly protected, have all the gear
and a hot milky brew.
It will always be like this
well for a few months or so
so get used to this weird scenario
as you come and go.
Take care of yourselves
don't worry about me
I am behind the screen
masked and yet free.
Thank you for Sharing me.
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