going through life in a snails pace

My Poetry. Make it easy on Yourself.

Embers glowing on the open log fire 
still, have to work when you want to retire 
the squeaking noise on the rattily church spire 
Your needs are great by mine are dire. 
The leaves are Fallin off the beautiful tree 
the flowers are missing the busy bee 
the winds are howling in a whistling spree 
You're coming home soon to be with me. 
The meal is ready so just sit down
and take away that solemn frown
you may sink in the water but you will never drown
Long live the King and his well-fitted crown.
The day is long but the night is forever
you may think your dumb but I know you're clever
when you're ready to go or it might be whenever
Your head is intact but some want it to sever.
The grass is green but is it on the other side?
You want to say sorry but you think of your pride
you're on the cliff edge it’s about to subside
I love you my dear will you be my bride?
I want you to be happy there’s no other way
awake from your slumber face a bright new day
your opinion is precious no one can sway
Is it made of concrete or just out of clay?
Thank you for Sharing me.
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