it isnt always cool

My Poetry. Having a Bad Day.

When the weather is crap
you have a good moan
you feel all you do
Is grump and groan.
When you awake each day
You’re not quite yourself
had a bad night
Impeding your health.
As the day goes on
you hope you will find
you will become cheery
It’s all in the mind.
But right at the moment
worse for the wear
lookout everyone
Bother me if you dare.
Things get your goat
all through the day
nothing motivates you
Keep out of the way.
Later on
you see some light
you’re passive and relaxed
Don’t want to fight.
Its called Human emotion
sometimes you smile
when you think back earlier
When your mood was vile.
Back to being motivated
at last, I have changed
back to the sunshine
No more enraged.
So when you’re down
count to ten
keep your cool
unlike back then
Ending the day
in a positive mood
fight the blues
Try to be good.
Smile and grit
your teeth and grin
have a good moan
Take it on the chin.

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