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Scottish Foods-Drinks.(Tattie)


Scottish Potato Soup, otherwise known as Tattie Soup, is a heart-warmingly delicious but simple recipe that is perfect for a winter’s day lunch. In fact, one of our Scottish suppliers we interviewed even used to have it before school to warm up!

There are so many different potato soup recipes around the world. Potato and leek is popular, as is creamy potato soup, but of course, we think Scottish Potato Soup is the best, and we’re excited to share our own Tattie Soup recipe!

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Surprisingly, the humble potato was only introduced to Scotland in the early 1700s, with potato gardens springing up around Edinburgh in the 1720s and near Stirling in 1739. It wasn’t until 1743 that it was first introduced to the Highlands and Islands, but by the 1800s they were 80% of the diet of Highlanders.


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